Get your students engaged with poetry collections with this hands-on hexagon activity!

There are ALWAYS new activities, new angles from which to approach content. Hexagons looks likely to be both deeply engaging AND to develop analysis skills which can be hard to actually teach in a direct, passive (lecture/notes/discussion) way.


Today’s post is brought to you by guest author Tia Miller. Tia teaches AP Literature, AP Language, AP Seminar, and Dual Credit English at Chapmanville Regional High School in southern West Virginia.  She is currently working on her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Marshall University.

This past semester, inspired by Melissa Smith and other awesome teachers in my PLN and encouraged by some extra money to spend on books for my classroom, I decided to teach my first poetry collection. Mind you, the very notion of reading a poetry collection, personally, was a rather exceptional idea for me, much less the attempt to teach one, but I took the leap anyway and found an exciting new addition for my curriculum.

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Published by Kirsten Pomerantz

I tend to have my fingers in a number of projects and my mind on even more ideas and questions. No one besides me should be blamed for any of the things I share here. I am about to hit the 20-year mark in married life, have three teenage sons whom I adore and are my inspiration and touchstones, and have lived in North Idaho for 18 years now. I love this region, even with its complicated politics, and honor and thank the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and its people who have lived here since time immemorial. It is my hope to be a part of (re)building and co-creating a shared sense of the every-day wonder of this place that is the watershed of the Spokane Valley and Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. I am awed by the adjacent Clearwater watershed and look forward to many, many days and nights exploring and appreciating these majestic waters and lands.

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