Our Friends, Our Woven Selves

Hoda Zarbaf’s art was quite interesting.

I just read on Instagram that she has recently passed away and was struck by this sculpture, so I looked her up and spent a little bit of time looking at her art pieces.

Most of the work is more intense than this one, though they are definitely worth seeing, and the mixed media creations often have a lot of joy in them. (And a lot of other emotions.)

The integration of fabric and other harder material into bodies’ forms strikes a chord with me. I have two knit/crocheted “foobs” that I sometimes wear when I want to look balanced and each foob was made by a different dear friend.

(My inclination right now is that I don’t really want to care if being unabashedly one-boobed is too weird for public, but I do care about making people feel uncomfortable. That has led me to thinking about how much we humans respond to minor lapses/differences in bilateral symmetry much less signifant deformities. But those are musings for another time.)

I’ve been thinking about how powerful it is to have a prosthesis so close to my heart that embodies the woven connections I feel with all those humans out in the world that I’ve gotten to interact with, to love a little.

And I have been thinking about how lovely it is to have my broken parts patched by the hands of my friends.

Hoda Zarbaf, particularly this sculpture, evokes aspects of the feelings I have when thinking about our ersatz and yet somehow beautiful amalgamated selves.

Published by Kirsten Pomerantz

I tend to have my fingers in a number of projects and my mind on even more ideas and questions. No one besides me should be blamed for any of the things I share here. I am about to hit the 20-year mark in married life, have three teenage sons whom I adore and are my inspiration and touchstones, and have lived in North Idaho for 18 years now. I love this region, even with its complicated politics, and honor and thank the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and its people who have lived here since time immemorial. It is my hope to be a part of (re)building and co-creating a shared sense of the every-day wonder of this place that is the watershed of the Spokane Valley and Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. I am awed by the adjacent Clearwater watershed and look forward to many, many days and nights exploring and appreciating these majestic waters and lands.

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